Armor raises one's chances of survival by raising different stats and by providing defence.

This list is incomplete and in no specific order. Statistics are not accurate as they can differ from monster to monster. Also, having them crafted by giving the right ingredients to the Blacksmith at Sofya City gives slightly higher stats. 

Body Armor
Armor Effects Base DEF Crafting Materials Can Be Dropped From Blacksmith Fee
Adventurer's Garb Natural MP Regen +2 9 Bird Wings: 35

Cloth: 40pt

Lavarca (has Light Blue Dye A) 75s
Leather Armor MaxHP +50 11 Hard Dragon Skin: 25

Spider Silk: 25

Cloth: 60pt

Warrior Mail MaxHP +100

STR +1

15 Wolf Fur: 30

Boss Colon Skin: 10

Metal: 75pt

Mage Robe MaxMP +100

INT +1

15 Butterfly Wing: 20

Pale Gem: 10

Cloth: 75

Fire Ghost 150s
Hunter's Garb AGI +2

DEX +2

Long Range Damage +1%

18 Four-Leaf Clover: 1

Gorgeous Fur: 3

Metal: 35pt

Cloth 50pt

Straye Garb MaxHP +100

MaxMP +100

18 Gorgeous Fur x5

Sturdy Fur x10

Broken Metal x20

Cloth x90

Frente's Goblin Quest 175s
Brutal Dragon Armor MaxHP +300

Attack Speed +5%

Physical Resistance +1%

Critical Damage +1%

27 Brutal Dragon Skin: 10

Brutal Dragon Horn: 2

Cloth: 175pt

Metal: 125pt

Brutal Dragon Decel 400s
Fightwear Short Range Damage +1%

Attack Speed +100

With Knuckles:

Accuracy +10

25 Athema Stone: 25

Zoktzda Stone: 25

Mochelo Pelt: 1

Cloth: 90

Ruin Golem 175s
Plate Armor MaxHP +10%

Aggro +10%

Motion Speed -10%

30 Fiery Gem: 1

Iron: 3

Coal: 5

Metal: 175pt

Flare Volg 350s
Green Dragon Garb MATK +1%

Magic Resistance +3%

Aggro -5%

Physical Resitance -5%

30 Green Dragon Fur: 15

Rainbow Stone: 2

Breeze Crystal: 5

Cloth: 450pt

Forestia 450s
Aqua Garb ATK +1%

MATK +1%

Dodge +2%

MaxMP +50

32 Heaven Bird Crest x2

Heaven Bird Tear x15

White Fur x10

Mana x250

Astol 500s
Ooze Armor Attack MP Recovery +4

Short Rage Damage +3%

DEX +2%

Critical Damage +1%

36 Rainbow Stone x10

Luminous Magic Water x20

Gluey Skin x30

Mana x275

Ooze (duh) 550s
Scale Armor DEF +5%

Guard Power +5%

Ailment Resistance +5%

Neutral Resistance +5%

34 Dark Gray Claw x20

Thick Green Scale x20

Beast x90

Cloth x50

Warmonger 275s
Oracle Robe Attack MP Recovery +3

MaxMP +200

Cast Speed +100

Dark Resistance +5%

39 Ore of Another World x3

Runestone x3

Broadcloth x25

Cloth x150

Killer Coat Critical Rate +5

MATK +1%

Attack Speed +20%

Dodge +20%

Stability +2%

Dark Resistance +4%

43 Boss Roga's Belt x5

Sheeting Fabric x20

Nightmare Crystal x10

Cloth x650

Boss Roga 650s
Magic Swordsman's Garb STR +2%

INT +2%

Attack Speed +200

Cast Speed +400

Dark Resistance -10%

40 Outer World Planet x20

Shining Shooting Star x5

Sparkling Dragon Eye x5

Cloth x160

Forest Wolf Garb Dodge +3

Critical Rate +3

Attack Speed +100

21 Forest Wolf Skin: 10

Forest Wolf Horn: 2

Cloth: 75pt

Beast: 75pt

Forest Wolf 300s
Magic Crystal Armor Magic Resistance +1%

Evansion Rate +5%

24 Eerie Crystal: 1

Black Miasma: 2

Lava Crystal: 3

Metal: 350pt

Eerie Crystal 350s