Arrows are a sub-weapon that work best when equipped with a Bow or Bowgun. They can add elements or boosts to regular attacks.

Name Base

Attack /


Stats Materials to Craft Price / Location
Wooden Arrow 4 (20%) N/A Woodchip x10

Wood x3

Hardwood Arrow 6 (20%) Critical Rate +1 Animal Claw x10

Wood x25

Wind Slash Arrow 10 (20%) DEX +1

Physical Pierce +1%

Wind Slash Feather x6

Thick Black Cloth x3

Wood x50

Hunter's Arrow 13 (20%) Long Range +1%

Accuracy +1%

Hard Fur x5

Sharp Fang x30

Metal x75

150s/Drop from Beak
Tempest Arrow 15 (20%) Wind Element

Critical Damage +1%

Green Dragon Claw x10

Sweet-Smelling Wood x20

Wood x125

Mana x50

Ice Arrow 17 (20%) Water Element

Critical Rate +2

Crystal of Flowing Water x10

Wet Wood x10

Wood x50

Mana x50

Iron Arrow 24 (20%) Weapon ATK +1% Roost x25

Huge Iron Ball x5

Wood x125

Thin Sharp Arrow 12 (20%) Attack MP Recovery +1

Attack Speed +30

Roost x25

Sand Crystal x5

Wood x125

Blade Arrow 22 (15%) Critical Rate +3

Critical Damage +1

Roost x25

Broken Woodsman Axe x5

Wood x125

Fire Arrow 5 (20%) Fire Element Minotaur Horn x2

Twinkle Stone x10

Metal x100

Mana x50


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