Astol is a non-storyline boss available in Toram Online. It is the boss of Aulada Ancient Tower: Deck.

It is Level 50. Its element is water and wind. It might be hard to fight below LVL70 if you did not invest much in health and defense.



  • Aqua Armor
    • ATK +1%
    • MATK +1%
    • Dodge +10%
    • Max MP +100
  • Crystal Wings
    • Light Element
    • Long Range DMG +3%
    • Dodge +70%
    • ASPD +3


  • Heaven Bird Claw
  • Heaven Bird Tail Feather
  • Heaven Bird Crest
  • Heaven Bird Tear

Xtal (Crysta)Edit

  • Evasion Rate -30%
  • Magic Resistance -1%
  • DEF +10%

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