• Bluefawkez


    May 2, 2018 by Bluefawkez

    I'm bit new here. First time I visited this wiki, I saw a lot of missing informations and some navigation are messy. 

    Just wondering how many still are active checking/updating this wiki?

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  • ThePhoenixGhirl

    Welcome to the Toram Online Wiki! 

    As with most things, this wiki will get out of hand with some solid rules. The guidlines below are designed to help the wiki grow smoothly. If you have any issue with the guidlines or feel that another rule is necessary, please contact one of the active admins.

    1) Curse language is to be kept to a minimum

    2) Articles are only to be related to Toram Online.

    3) Vialotion of the community guidlines will result in a punishment.

    When editing and/or creating an article...

    1) must be related to the game Toram Online.

    2) curse language is to be present.

    3) ...the information is to be factual.

    1) Comments are not to be promotting bullying, harm, racism, etc.

    2) Comments are to be related to the said article.

    3) …

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  • Flypack

    yay big fish

    April 2, 2017 by Flypack

    Looks like I'm the main editor here, yay. This place is a mess, but it's way easier to find stuff than in the forums.

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  • Starfox343559

    Obviously I'm helping out the wiki alot, because I am interested in making this wikia glow. Looking for other contributors to help with this wikia as well. Some parts were pretty bad in this wikia, but some of the stuff in this wiki are actually not that bad at all. I do need some help because I just got back a week ago and I haven't played since the Lv. Cap 55 Update lol, and now it's 95 XD. So I think it's been 7 months since then. The list below is all the stuff that is missing. There's alot of stuff to do, this is all I can think of as of now so if I'm missing anything let me know! And I just want to stay in contact with the active contributors!

    • Assist Skill Category
    • Other Skill Category (It's literally just a guide for Smithing not real…

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  • D Man o3o

    If you want images from the game to appear in here, that will require datamining to do so. My question is if any of you know how to do it? If not, I can, but it will require me to uninstall the game first and re-download all old files.

    Tell me here if you can. If not, I might do it sooner or later.

    If you have questions about it, go ahead and ask too.

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  • D Man o3o

    I decided to redo the Main page and a few other aspects.

    Do you like it?

    What else were you wanting?

    Tell me and I can see what I can do.

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  • Eyyla

    First Experience !

    February 1, 2015 by Eyyla

    Holla ! Don't bother to read this, I just typing things that I experienced when playing Toram Online for the first time and before that. So yeah, you have been warned xp

    Anyway, I was so bored that day and I opened Celes Arca forum since I don't know what to do - actually that week was my final examination day but I don't know why I was so lazy to study... So, when I opened the CA forum, I come through this forum - Game Update - and tell you what, I was shocked. Well yeah, I admit I kinda left Celes before I went to continue my study but still I love Celes and I do wanna play it back but I don't know why it got crash at my new phone. Oh well...

    Anyway, that day also I found out about this Toram Online because I kinda searched for a game simil…

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