It has come to my attention that there is no place you can look at the armor in Toram. So I will continue editing this as I collect them all. I appreciate help, for now I will post pictures abilities and where I got it. If there is something I am missing please tell me. Keep in mind that most of these are made at the blacksmith's so that way I could get them up as soon as possible.

Plate Armor front
Plate Armor back
Plate Armor:

DEF 31

Max HP +10%

Aggro +10%

Motion Speed -10%

Made mine at the Blacksmith.

Brutal Dragon Garb back
Brutal Dragon Garb front

Brutal Dragon Garb:

DEF 29

Max HP +300

Attack Speed +5%

Physical Resistance +1%

Critical Damage +1%

Made mine at Blacksmith.

Fightwear front
Fightwear back

DEF 27

Short Range Damage +2%

With Knuckles: Accuracy +10

Dropped from Ruin Golem in Zoktzda Ruin.

-Can also be made at Blacksmith

Adventurer's garb front
Adventurer's gar back
Adventurer's Garb:


Dropped from Lavarca in Rakau Plains

Made a Blacksmith.

Forest Wold Garb front
Forset Wolf Garb:
Forest Wolf garb back

DEF 23

Dodge +3

Critical Rate +3

Attack Speed +100

Made at Blacksmith.

Drops from Boss Forest Wolf.

Hunters garb front
Hunter's Garb:
Hunters garb back

DEF 22

AGI +1

DEX +1

Long Range Damage +1%

Made at Blacksmith.

Leather armor back
Leather armor front
Leather Armor:

DEF 11

MaxHP +50

Made at Blacksmith.

Mage Robe front
Mage Robe:
Mage Robe back

DEF 18

MaxHP +100

INT +1

Made at Blacksmith

Straye garb front
Straye Garb:
Straye garb back

DEF 22

MaxHP +100

MaxMP +100

Made at Blacksmith

Warrior Mail front
Warrior Mail:
Warrior Mail back

DEF 16

MaxHP +100

STR +1

Made at Blacksmith

Aqua garb front
Aqua garb back
Aqua Garb:

DEF 34

ATK +1%

MATK +1%

Dodge +10%

MaxMP +100

Droped from Astol in Aulada Ancient Temple

Xtal armor back
Xtal armor front
Magic Crystal Armor:

DEF 24

Magic Resistance +2%

Evasion Rate +5%

Cast speed +100

Droped from Eerie Crystal in Isthmus of Kaus

Green dragon front
Green Dragon Garb:
Green dragon back

DEF 38

MATK +1% 

Magic Resistance +3%

Aggro -5%

Physical resistance -5%

Made at blacksmith

Ooze front
Ooze Armor:
Ooze back

DEF 36

Attack MP Recovery +4

Short Range Damage +3%

DEX +2%

Critical Damage +1%

VERY RARE drop so made a blacksmith

Scale armor front
Scale Armor:
Scale Armor back

DEF 35

will update


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