Skills are abilities you can use to make your character stronger. Some skills are active and some are passive. Active skills can be used as attacks while passive skills raise your parameters. Each time you gain a level you gain a skill point which can be applied to any skill you have available in your skill tree. The skill tree you have available depends on the weapon you chose when creating your character. It is also possible to buy other skill trees in Sofya City from the Library.

Skills are split into two separate categories, Combat and Other.

Combat: Edit

- Weapon: Edit

- Buff: Edit

  • Guard Skills (Skills to improve custom body armours)
  • Shield Skills (Skills to improve a shield and attack with it)
  • Dagger Skills (Skills to improve the daggers and attack with them)
  • Knight Skills (Skills to draw enemy aggro)
  • Hunter Skills (Skills to trap enemy and attack)
  • Priest Skills (Skills to heal allies and the use light magic)

- Assist: Edit

  • Survival Skills (Skills related to HP and MP)
  • Support Skills (Skills useful for party members)
  • Battle Skills (Skills to buff stats)

Other: Edit

  • Smith Skills (For equipment creation, refinement and upgrading)
  • Alchemy Skills (For synthesizing potions)
  • Tamer Skill (For capturing and taming pets)


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