Daggers are a sub-weapon that focuses on stat boosts to Evasion, and as such are frequently paired with Knuckles. Unlike other offensive weapons, they have no stability stat.

Name Base Attack Stats Materials to Craft Price /


Caravan Dagger 4 Evasion Rate +10% Short Nail x3

Metal x3

Power Knife 8 STR +2

Weapon ATK +4

Mushroom Spore x32

Metal x20

Wood x5

Dagger 12 Evasion Rate +10%

Dodge +3

Brutal Dragon Claw x2

Little Wyvern Wing x5

Metal x40

Wood x1

Heavy Knife 17 Critical Rate +5

STR +3

Accuracy -3

Iron x1

Heated Fang x5

Metal x50

Wood x25

Magic Dagger 15 Attack MP Recovery +1

Cast Speed +50

Evasion Rate +5%

Broken Magic

Lantern x1 Four-Leaf Clover x1

Metal x75

Bush Knife 54 Weapon ATK +10

Physical Pierce +6%

Attack Speed -2%

Saham Crystal x25

Mineral Scissor x2

Metal x125

Army Knife 27 MaxMP +100

DEX +2

Evasion Rate +10%

Goblin Claw x25

Saham Crystal 20x

Metal x125

Demi Knife 54 Critical Rate +5

MaxMP +150

Flinch Unavailable

Evasion Rate -30%

Dropped by Demi-
Thorny Twig 14 Critical Rate +1

With Bowguns:

Stability +7%

Dropped by Shell Mask (23)



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