Eerie Crystal is the third boss you will fight in Toram Online in the storyline. It is the boss of Isthmus of Kaus: Dragon Den.

It is a Level 24 boss and the recommended level to fight it is Level 21. Its element is darkness.

In the battle there will be three other crystals inflicting stat conditions on the player (Slow, Paralyze, and Poison) and , dark mushrooms will also spawn to fight the player over the course of the battle.



  • Magic Crystal Spear
  • Irogeon [Magic Device]
    • ATK: 14-20
    • Dark Element
    • Max MP +150
    • Max HP -5%
  • magic crystal
    • Base DEF: 24-27
    • Magic Resistance +2%
    • Evasion +5%
    • Cast Speed +100


  • Hematite
  • Black Crystal Fragment
  • Turbid Crystal
  • Black Miasma
  • Eerie Crystal

King eye

Xtal (Crysta)Edit

  • Attack MP Recovery +5

Note: This xtal can only be equipped on special gear.

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