Land Under Development
Land Under Development
NPC Shop Warp Monster
  • Guard
  • Boss Colon
  1. To Underground Ruins
  2. To Witeka Scorched Plains
  3. To Sofya City
  • Colon Lvl 6
  • Shell Mask Lvl 4
  • Torpo Lvl 7
  • Boss Colon Lvl 10


It is frequently considered by locals as Cleveland Ohio.

Interesting fact about Land Under Development, ever since 1,868 it has been under construction

Land Under Development has its own football team called the Land under Development Browns

Land Under Development also has its own song for tourism here is a link to it.

It's main export is crippling depression

the Lake sometimes catches on fire.

All most of the fish in Land Under Construction have AID's

Most people who farm here die before they hit lvl 68

The guard has a exceedingly rare line that appears to only 0.00001% of players

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