Item Name Process Amount Drops From Sale Price
Animal Horn 3 pt Lavarca 3s
Big Mane 7 pt Boar 6s
Bird Wing 2 pt Pico


Brutal Dragon Claw 10 pt Brutal Dragon Decel 9s
Brutal Dragon Tail 8 pt Brutal Dragon Decel 7s
Fire Feather 3 pt Flame Butterfly 3s
Fish Scale 3 pt Turquoise Lionfish 3s
Flare Volg Claw 6 pt Flare Volg 6s
Fluffy Fur 3 pt Raffy


Forest Wolf Claw 3 pt Forest Wolf 3s
Forest Wolf Horn 5 pt Forest Wolf 5s
Jagged Fang 4 pt Miwi
Little Wyvern Fang 3 pt Rutin 3s
Long Beak 3 pt Pico 3s
Mochelo Claw Mochelo 8s
Ominous Horns 11 pt Gespenst 10s
Potum Nail 2 pt Vanilla Potum
King Potum
Miracle Potum
1s Cat Paw
Rat Hair 2 pt Corda
Reptile Bone 6 pt Elizard 5s
Sharp Fang 3 pt Death Hound 3s Longblade


Short Nail 6 pt Raffy


Skeleton Bone 3 pt Skeleton 3s
Soft Hair 5 pt Raffy 5s
Thick Beak 4 pt Beak 3s Heavy Blade
Twisted Horn 6 pt Wooly
Yorl Goat
Wind Slash Feather 7 pt Pico 5s

Speed Talisman

Frog webbed foot 6 pt Fin Frog


Item Name Process Amount Drops From Sale Price Use for Crafting
Ancient Stone Slab 9 pt Ruin Golem 9s
Athema Stone 4 pt Rio Frosch 3s Fightwear
Broken Farm Tool 6 pt Crow Killer
Broken Metal 4 pt Goblin 5s Great Sword
Chaos Stone Rutin

Iron Shield

Forest Wolf Cape

Cracked Stone 4 pt Torpo
Stone Knight
Coal 6 pt Calron 5s
Dented Little Helmet 6 pt Soldier Rat 5s
Dirty Nail 6 pt Torpo 5s
Fatigued Blade 6 pt Skeleton 5s Longblade


Goblin Medal 5 pt Boss Goblin 5s
Hematite 3 pt Cobre
Helm Colon
Red Jelly
Ruins Rat
Eerie Crystal
2s Strengthen Equipment
Iron 4 pt Synthesis

The Walking Plants

20s Strengthen Equipment

Stubborn Hammer

Lava Fragment 3 pt Savaran 3s
Lutaros Stone 6 pt Stone Soldier 5s
Nicked Blade 2 pt Goblin 2s
Orange Crystal Fragment 3 pt Cobre 3s
Pebble 2 pt Colon
Relic Scrap 3 pt Goblin 3s
Scythe Blade 12 pt Gespenst 10s
Sharp Rock Fragment 3 pt Stone Soldier 3s
Small Article 5 pt Goblin 6s
Twinkle Stone 5 pt 3s Knuckle Duster
Zoktzda Stone 4 pt Stone
Ruin Golem
5s Fightwear


Item Name Process Amount Drops From Sale Price Use for Crafting
Animal Skin 2 pt Raffy 1s
Bat Wing 2 pt Nemico 1s
Black Fur 5 pt Death Hound 5s
Broken Linen Thread 2 pt Crow Killer
Butterfly Wing 4 pt Farfalla 3s
Damaged Parchment 5 pt Devil's Book 5s
Dirty Cloth 2 pt Goblin 2s
Fairy Feather 5 pt Roar
Wind Roar
Voda Roar
Fire Resistant Fabric 6 pt Fire Ghost 5s
Forest Wolf Skin 6 pt Forest Wolf 5s Forest Wolf Cape

Cat Paws

Frog Skin 2 pt Frosch 1s
Goatskin 3 pt Yorl Goat 2s
Gorgeous Fur 12 pt Lavarca 10s
Hard Dragon Skin 3 pt Cobre
Hard Fur 8 pt Beak 7s
High-Quality Wool 7 pt Wooly 6s
Linen Cloth 5 pt Crow Killer
Little Wyvern Wing 5 pt Rutin 5s
Minotaur Skin 10 pt Minotaur 9s
Mochelo Fur 5 pt Mochelo 4s
Mochelo Pelt Mochelo Fightwear
Plant Skin 2 pt Coryn
Reptile Skin 3 pt Elizard 3s
Slimy Skin 2 pt Miwi 1s
Small Gloves 2 pt Ruin Rat 1s Iron Knuckles
Soft Fur 2 pt Wooly 1s
Spider Silk 3 pt Pomum 3s
Sturdy Fur 5 pt Boar
Little Boar
Thick Black Cloth 5 pt Gespenst 4s
Thick Frog Skin 2 pt Rio Frosch 1s
Torn Big Sack 6 pt Goblin 5s
Torn Cloth 4 pt Goblin 4s
Torn Jute Sack 2 pt Ghost 1s
Torn Rope 2 pt Ghost 3s
Wolf Fur 2 pt Hound 1s
White Fur 4 pt White Hound


Item Name Process Amount Drops From Sale Price Use for Crafting
Boss Colon Skin 7 pt Boss Colon 6s
Burnt Wood 2 pt Calron 3s
Colon Skin 3 pt Colon

Helm Colon

Crushed Wood Chip 4 pt Goblin 5s
Hard Stem 6 pt 5s
Kijimu Splinter 4 pt Kijimu 3s
Nisel Wood 4 pt Shell Mask 3s Great Sword
Small Hilt 3 pt Ruin Rat
Soldier Rat
3s Iron Blade


Small Wood 3 pt Shell Mask 3s
Strong Vine 6 pt Conoppy 6s
Sweet-Smelling Wood 6 pt Squire 5s
Tree Root 2 pt Pain Leaf 1s
Vine 4 pt Pain Leaf 3s
Woodchip 2 pt Corda
Shell Mask
Wood Stick 3 pt Guardian Statue 2s Stubborn Hammer
Young Branch 5 pt Coryn


Item Name Process Amount Drops From Sale Price Use for Crafting
Bead Fragment 1 pt Guardian Statue
Black Miasma Eerie Crystal Magic Crystal Armor
Breeze Crystal 2 pt Wind Roar 7s
Colored Shard 1 pt Guild Maze 1s
Evil Page 2 pt Devil's Book 7s
Lava Crystal Stone Knight Magic Crystal Armor
Light Shard 1 pt Guild Maze 1s
Rainbow Stone Forestia Ooze Armor
Remnant of Ghost 1 pt Ghost
Turbid Crystal 1 pt Night Mushroom
Purple Jelly
Dark Mushroom
Eerie Crystal
Wandering Spirit 2 pt Skeleton 20pt
Crystal of Flowing Water 2pt Voda Roar Ice Arrow


Item Name Process Amount Drops From Sale Price Use for Crafting
Burning Liquid 4 pt Red Jelly


Burnt Coal 8 pt 7s
Butterfly Scale 2 pt Farfalla 1s
Clear Water 5 pt Voda Roar 4s
Colon Leaf 2 pt Colon
Helm Colon
Boss Colon
Flower Nectar 3 pt Farfalla
Four-Leaf Clover 10 pt Forest Wolf 7s Forest Wolf Cape
Glowing Dust 2 pt Roar 2s
Huge Leaf 4 pt Squire 3s
Living Liquid 5 pt Slime 5s
Lotus Leaf 4 pt Frosch 3s
Mushroom Spore 2 pt Night Mushroom 1s Knuckle Duster
Petal 2 pt Kijimu 1s
Pomum Leaf 2 pt Pomum 1s
Red Petal 2 pt Kijimu 1s
Small Tinder 1 pt Calron
Fire Ghost
Sticky Liquid 2 pt Blue Jelly
Gold Jelly
Green Jelly
Purple Jelly
Torn Page 3 pt Devil's Book 3s

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