Ooze Edit


Ooze is the eighth boss you will fight against in Toram Online in the storyline. It is the boss of Lutaros Cavern: Deepest Part

It is a Level 52 boss.

  • Element: Water - Weak against Wind
  • Gear Drops: Ooze Armor[Attack MP Recovery +3, Short Range Dmg +3%, DEX+3, Crit Dmg +3%], Ooze Helmet[Max hp +10%, HP Regen +10%, Ailment resist +10%], Ooze Staff [MATK+1%, VIT+4%, MaxHP +8%, Aggro -16%], Ooze Shield [Guard Rate +15%, Guard Power +23%], Natural HP Regen +10%, M. Resist +2%]
  • Item Drops: Gluey Skin, Luminous Magic Water, Emerald
  • Xtal: Ooze xtal [2% atk, 2% matk, def-2%, mdef-2%]

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