Smithing has 4  aspects and 5 types of skills.

(1.) Production.Edit

Production is the crafting of materials or mats out of items collected through out the game. The level you upgrade it to determines the success and amount of mats produced.

(2.) Refining EquipmentEdit

Refining equipment means to increase the base atack (atk or @) or defence (def) of an equipment. To do you must have special items like hematite or Damascus ore, the item refining, and optional, a special item like blacksmiths hammer. Each time done tho it only increases by +1 and there is a risk of failure which can either A.) make the item loose +1 or more up to base atk or B.) destroy the item(not tested)www

(3.)Create equipment Edit

This is exactly what it says it makes equipment that is sellable and tradeable. Most equipments dropped by mobs or bosses is not tradable but they come with pre set ability's and the same is with stuff made at the blacksmiths (or bs) in sofya. The cool thing about this skill is it comes with no ability's. You may find this weird but I will explain equipment made by this skill comes with potential (or pot{not the smoking kind}). Pot is used with this next skill.

(4.) Upgrade Equipment Edit

As said in the last skill this one is used with player made wepons and armor. Player made equips have pot witch is what this is all about. Pot is used to give it an ability in exchange for mats. Let's say u bought a water staff with 36 pot ~10 pot is used to give that staff a water element( and for future reference you cant use 2 elements on a weapon only one works).