Potums are small, fluffy, and adorable round creatures in the world of Toram. They are round and furry, with large eyes. Their fur varies in color, as well as in power. The Potums are the mascot of Toram, and are the most iconic creature to the game.


Although they are innocent and even weak in apearance, they hide great magical and combat prowess. (The common potum is the exception to this.) There are potums, such as the Miracle Potum, which can easily defeat a level 60 warrior.

It is generally unhealthy to attack a Potum, as it would mean a quick and merciless defeat and moral conflicts.

Potums Edit

Miracle Potum Edit

  • Gear Drops: Adventurer's garb (Pink dye A), Morning Star (Staff)
  • Item Drops: Potum nail, Hard apple,Save Point
  • Crystal (Weapon): Miracle Potum (Eva+5%, Hp-10%)

Location: Ruined Temple

King Potum Edit

  • Gear Drops: Hair Band (Boss ver.)
  • Item Drops: Hard Apple Hair, Potum Nail, Bead Fragment
  • Crystal: King Potum

Location: Athema Ruins

Moonlight Potum Edit

  • Gear Drops: Adventurer's Garb (Blue A), Drills (Knuckles)
  • Item Drops: Apple, Potum Nail, Moonlight Flower
  • Crystal (weapon): Moonlight Potum (CSPD -90. Attack Mp Recovery +3)

Location: New Moon Palace

Golden Potum Edit

  • Gear Drops: Adventurers Garb (Black A, Gray C, Blue C, Red A, Cyan B, White B) Ribbon (Black A, Cyan C, Blue B, White B)

Location: 4 Million Downloads Event

Milk Potum Edit

  • Gear Drops: Ear Muff
  • Item Drops: Snow Potum Hair,Potum Nail,Mysterious Snowball

Location: Polde Ice Valley

Lime Potum Edit

  • Item Drops: Green Potum Hair,Potum Nail

Location: Land Under Cultivation

Vanilla Potum Edit

  • Item Drops: Potum Nail

Location: Athema Ruins

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