Priest Skills Edit

As one can expect from the name, this skill consist of healing and holy elemental attacks.

1st Tier Skill Edit

Bless Edit

Restore HP a little at fixed intervals. The heal amount and duration depend on lvl. Mp cost:

According to Toram Online forum, this skill depends on your MATK. It means bigger MATK will give you bigger heals.

Holy Fist Edit

Smite evil with Light elemental punch. Deals physical and magic damage at the same time. It is categorized as a Physical Skill.

FB IMG 1466266293364

2nd Tier Skill


Increase DEF and MDEF for a short time. Guard rate will also increase if you equip a shield. Mp cost:100. It needs Bless skill on lvl 5.

Holy light

Punish evil monsters with the power of light element. Deal magic damage, ignoring a part of target's defence. Mp cost:200. It needs holy fist skill on lvl 5.


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