Ranged shooting weapons are one of the four weapon types of Toram. They are long range weapons that do decent damage. They do more damage when used in tandem with the arrow sub-weapon.

Ranged weapons are divided into two categories, Bows and Bowguns. Bows gain 3 ATK from DEX and 1 from STR. They have longer range and a higher attack speed than their Bowgun counterparts. They use skills from the Shot Skill tree and must be equipped to use them.Archers generally have the highest attack out of all the classes If built correctly. Full Dex is highly recommended. Kariin's guide for pure archer build can be found on Toram Online Forums

Normal BowsEdit


Attack Dasar Status Material Untuk Membuat Harga/Lokasi
Bow 6 (60%) None Wood x3 5s / Starting Bow
 :v Hard Wood Bow 10 (60%) Str +2

Accuracy -1

Tree Root x30

Wood x25

Long Bow 15 (60%) Ranged Atk Damage +1%

Aggro -5%

Dodge -4

Wood Stick x30

Vine x20

Beast x50

Iron Bow 20 (60%) ATK +1%

Physical Pierce +1%

VIT +2

Sweet-Smelling Wood x20

Chaos Stone x5

Wood x45

Metal x30

Metal Horn Bow 26 (60%) ATK +2%

Critical Rate +10

Str +4

High Quality Horn x10

Damascus Ore x5

Metal x60

Wood x40

Steel Leaf Bow 33 (60%) ATK +2%

Critical Damage +2%

DEX +3%

Dodge +3%

Fine Sand x5

Bone Fragment x20

Wood x80

Metal x45

Iron Exoskeleton Bow 60 (40%) Earth Element

Long Range Damage +2%

DEF +10

Magic Resistance +3%

Guard Rate +5%

Mineral Scissor x2

Crustacean Steel x10

Wood x500

Gear Bow 13 (60%) Critical Damage +25%

Critical Rate -50%

Old Metal x2

Black Crystal

Fragment x15

Metal x65

Wood x10

Stone Bow 30 (60%) Earth Element

Critical Rate +5

MaxHP +150

Attack Speed -20%

Zoktzda Stone x25

Ribisco Crystal x5

Wood x130

Mana x20

Alto Ruin Bow 21 (30%) Critical Damage -50%

Critical Rate +25%

N/A Drop Only Excavated Golem Rare Drop
Forest Wolf Bow 27 (70%) Attack Speed +12%

Evasion Rate +6%

Forest Wolf Horn x2

Broken Metal x30

Nisel Wood x20

Wood x300

350s / Forest Wolf Rare Drop
Huge Steel Bow 80 (40%)

Bowguns Edit

Name Base


Stats Materials to Craft Location/


Bowgun 8 (50%) N/A Dirty Nail x5

Wood x3

Sword Bowgun 13 (50%) Short Range Damage +2%


Wolf Fur x35

Wood x20

Metal x5

Iron Barrel 20 (50%) MaxMP +100 Coal x6

Ribisco Crystal x4

Wood x30

Metal x20

Short Musket 18 (60%) Atk -50%

Critical Rate +25

Attack Speed +25%

Forest Wolf Horn x3

Ominous Horns x1

Mana x200

Metal x50

Hunter Bowgun 27 (60%) Long Range Damage +1%

Critical Rate +12

Attack Speed -20%

Burnt Coal x5

Zoktzda Stone x20

Wood x75

Axe Bowgun 35 (50%) Short Range Damage +1%

ATK +2%

Physical Pierce +3%

Cracked Stick x30

Rat Fur x20

Wood x90

Beast x10

War Bowgun 44 (50%) Critical Rate +6

Critical Damage +3

Ailment Resistance -7%

Huge Skull x1

Thick Green Scale x15

Strong Vine x20

Wood x500

500s / Warmonger Rare Drop
Magic Bowgun 40 (55%) Water Element

ATK +2%

Attack MP Recovery +1

Cast Speed +150

Mauez's Broken Rod x10

Runestone x1

Wood x450

Mana x50

Arched Bowgun 44 (50%) ATK +2%

Long Range Damage +2%

Aggro -5%

Accuracy -20%

Parasite Crystal x5

Dark Gray Metal Plate x20

Metal x80

Wood x45

Empress Bowgun 58 (50%) Light Element

ATK +2%

Short Range Damade +1%

MaxMP +150

Magic Resistance +2%

Empress Metal x10

Empress Aura x3

Wood x400

Metal x250

Assault Barrel 64 (55%) ATK +2%

Short Range Damage +2%

Physical Pierce +2%

Critical Rate +6

Dented metal plate x10

Broken Spear x1

Wood x ?

Metal x ?

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