• Solved Rod +
Materials: 1 Solve Rod, 2 Dark Crysta, 2 Old Magic Manual, 1 High Mythril
Cost: 400,000 Spina
Stats: ATK:165-180, MATK+7%, Skill Delay -0.5 seconds, Heal +4%
  • Queen Rod
Materials: 1 Pricely Rod, 1 Golden Scale, 1 Orichalcum, 1 Azoth 
Cost: 50,000 Spina

Stats: ATK:120-135, Light Attribute, INT+5, MATK+4%

  • Wing Rod
Materials: 1 Wing Rod, 20 Wind Bead, 2 Liath Fail, 10 Metal Wing

Cost: 200,000 Spina

Stats: ATK:134-159, Wind Element, MATK+80, DEX+5, Cast Time -10%

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