Appearance Edit

The distinctive feature of Shell Mask is the mask-like feature around their eyes, making it look like they are wearing masks. Their eyes look like they are being lit-up. It is fairly small with a brownish body and two leaves sticking from the top of their heads. Their feet look like tiny green elf shoes (if you know what I mean I don't have a picture at the moment)

Location Edit

Shell Mask can be found in three different locations, each location's Shell Mask have different levels and have different item drops. The locations are :

Item and Gear Drops Edit

For each location, the level of the Shell Mask is different, therefore having different item drops.

Land Under Development Edit

Lvl 4-5

Gear Drops

  • Buckler

Item Drops

  • Woodchip
  • Small Wood
  • Nut

Nisel Mountain Edit

Lvl 23

Gear Drops

Item Drops

  • Woodchip (common)
  • Nisel Wood (uncommon)
  • Bitter Nut (rare but still can get quite a few)

Nisel Mountain : Mountainside Edit

Lvl 27

Gear Drops

Item Drops

  • Nut
  • Splinter
  • Nisel Wood

Advice Edit

(Whoever wants to remove this part feel free to remove)

If you want to do Yunis' quest for Nisel Wood and Zono's quest for Bitter Nut, I suggest you go to Nisel Mountain or Nisel Mountainside (I forgot which want because the source I have is weird). Just go to the area with Rutins. There will be this vine you can climb up. On the mountain ledge there will be many players trying to complete the quest so do be prepared for your phone and screen to lag.

See Also Edit

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