Swords are one of the eight weapon types of Toram. There are two types of swords: One-handed and two-handed swords. One-handed swords can be equipped with a shield or dual-wielded with another sword in the sub-weapon slot. Two-handed swords restrict usage of the sub-weapon slot, meaning they will refrain you from being able to equip anything in that slot if a two-handed sword is equipped.

One-Handed Swords Edit

Name Element Base ATK Stability Stat(s) Materials to Craft Sell Price Dropped by...
Shortsword None 10 80% None Metal 3pts 5s Pico
Longsword None 17 80% MaxHP +50

Accuracy +1

Small Hilt x20

Metal 25pts

50s Ruin Rat
Gladius None 25 80% Critical Rate +3

Attack Speed +10%

Jagged Fang x25

Nicked Blade x25

Metal 50pts

100s Goblin
Sabre None 34 80% ATK +1%

Accuracy +4

Critical Rate+2

Fatigued Blade x20

Sharp Fang x30

Metal 75pts

150s Stone Knight
Brutal Dragon Sword None 27 80% Attack Speed +500

Cast Speed +50

Brutal Dragon Tail x1

Brutal Dragon Claw x20

Metal 100pts

Beast 75pts

175s Brutal Dragon Decel
Adel Sword None 40 80% ATK +1%

Short Range Damage +2%

MaxHP +200

Goblin Claw x25

Potum Fin x15

Metal 75pts

Wood 25pts

200s Stone Soldier
Rapier None 56 80% ATK +2%

Physical Pierce +6%

Evasion Rate +5%

Attack Speed +50

Fine Sand x5

Dragon Bone x30

Metal 100pts

Wood 25pts

250s Wandering Shadow
Accordion-Fold Sword None 1 40% Attack MP Recovery +3

Aggro +30%

Bat Wing x25

Four-Leaf Clover x1

Cloth 50pts

Metal 25pts

??? N/A
Sword of Sin Dark 61 80% ATK +2%

Physical Pierce +6&

Attack Speed +50

Nail of Demon Gate x1

Longo Stone x25

Metal 350pts

Beast 200pts

550s Demon Gate
Scimitar None 70 80% AGI +4%

ATK +2%

Dodge +6%

Critical +10

Damascus Ordx10

Quicksand Crystal x5

Metal 100pts

Beast 50pts

300s N/A
Phyto Blade Earth 74 90% ATK +40

Magic Resistance +10%

Critical Damage +9%

Grass Dragon Scale x10

Grass Dragon Petal x1

Metal 500pts

Wood 200pts

700s Grass Dragon Yelb
Blitz Sword Wind 80 80% Attack MP Recovery +3

Short Range Damage +3%

Big Bolt x30

Evil Spirit Claw x20

Metal 125pts

Beast 50pts

350s N/A
Black Sword of Delusion None 94 80% MaxHP +100

ATK +3%

Cast Speed +250

+25% stronger against Neutral

Ominous Crystal x1

Evil Energy of Delusion x2

Metal 500pts

Beast 250pts

800s N/A
Icebrand Glacier Water 101 80% Attack MP Recovery +5

Short Range Damage +1%

Additional Magic +100%



Ice Rose x1

Twilight Dragon Wing x5

Evil Crystal Beast Claw x3

Mana 425pts

850s N/A

Two-Handed Swords Edit

Name Element Base ATK Stability Stat(s) Materials to Craft Sell Price Dropped by...
Iron Blade None 15 70% Critical +5 Small Hilt x20 5s N/A
Heavy Blade None 25 70% Accuracy -5%

Critical Damage +5

Thick Beak x20

Metal 20pts

50s Cobre
Great Sword None 37 70% MaxHP +500

DEF +30

Broken Metal x25

Nisel Wood x15

Metal 50pts

100s Goblin(Sword)
Longblade None 50 70% ATK +1%

Accuracy -9

Critical +8

Sharp Fang x30

Fatigued Blade x20

Metal 60pts

Wood 15pts

150s Death Hound
Volcanic Sword Fire 65 70% Critical -50

Short Range Damage +1%

Flare Volg Horn x2

Fiery Gem x1

Metal 175pts

Mana 25pts

200s Flare Volg
Bone Blade Wind 66 70% MDEF +9%

Critical Damage +2

Cracked Stick x30

Saw-Toothed Edge x20

Beast x100

Wood x50

200s Sword Marionette
Fortis Blade None 82 70% ATK +2%

Physical Pierce +15%

DEF +20

Guard Rate +10%

Outer World Arm x15

Dusky Ore x30

Metal 100pts

Wood 25pts

250s Larmo
Iron Exoskeleton Sword Earth 90 70% MaxHP +750

Physical Resistence +1%

Critical Damage +1

Mineral Scissor x1

Crustacean Steel x20

Metal 500pts

550s Ganglef
Stubborn Hammer None 100 10% Attack Speed -50%

Critical +30


Iron x2

Wood Stick x32

Metal x25

Wood x50

150s N/A
Berserker Blade None 109 70% MaxHP -12%

ATK +2%

Accuracy +10

Attack Speed +250

Greatsword Fragment x3

Heavy Tough Chains x2

Metal 500pts

Beast 150pts

650s Masked Warrior
Flamberge None 100 70% Physical Pierce +10%

Critical Damage +3

Attack MP Recovery +1

Broken Clock Hand x20

Harde Scissor x15

Metal 100pts

Wood 50pts

300s N/A
Desert Anfel None 124 75% MaxMP +150

ATK +3%

Magic Resistance +12%

Critical Damage +1

Unsheathe ATK +20

Goovua's Mask Fragment x3

Goovua's Shoulder Pad x2

Metal 400pts

Wood 350pts

750s N/A
Hammerfall None 120 70% ATK +2%

Accuracy +20

Attack MP Recover +3

Goblin's Big Nail x1

Broken Huge Scythe x20

Metal 150pts

Wood 25pts

350s N/A
Flame Blade Fire 140 70% Attack MP Recovery +3

Critical +10

Water Resistance -10%

Stone of Sublimation x6

Gemstone of Sublimation x3

Scorching Onion x1

Metal 200pts

400s N/A
Frostbrand Rime Water 151 80% MaxHP +300

Physical Pierce +5%

Additional Magic +125%



Ice Rose x1

Twilight Dragon Wing x5

Evil Crystal Beast Claw x3

Mana 425pts

850s N/A

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