• Eyyla

    First Experience !

    February 1, 2015 by Eyyla

    Holla ! Don't bother to read this, I just typing things that I experienced when playing Toram Online for the first time and before that. So yeah, you have been warned xp

    Anyway, I was so bored that day and I opened Celes Arca forum since I don't know what to do - actually that week was my final examination day but I don't know why I was so lazy to study... So, when I opened the CA forum, I come through this forum - Game Update - and tell you what, I was shocked. Well yeah, I admit I kinda left Celes before I went to continue my study but still I love Celes and I do wanna play it back but I don't know why it got crash at my new phone. Oh well...

    Anyway, that day also I found out about this Toram Online because I kinda searched for a game simil…

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