Holla ! Don't bother to read this, I just typing things that I experienced when playing Toram Online for the first time and before that. So yeah, you have been warned xp

Anyway, I was so bored that day and I opened Celes Arca forum since I don't know what to do - actually that week was my final examination day but I don't know why I was so lazy to study... So, when I opened the CA forum, I come through this forum - Game Update - and tell you what, I was shocked. Well yeah, I admit I kinda left Celes before I went to continue my study but still I love Celes and I do wanna play it back but I don't know why it got crash at my new phone. Oh well...

Anyway, that day also I found out about this Toram Online because I kinda searched for a game similar to Iruna and Celes and I came across Toram. But when I searched it at play store I can't find it and so I started to google it and BAMM I found it ! Before I install it, I watched the youtube about this game and well kinda upset that it's not in full english since I don't know japanese language of course but still, I install it after that. And I 'try and error' clicking here and there. And when doing main quest, I will only follow the arrow and all that '?, !'. And when it comes to kill mobs, I will try to matched the shape of the japanese language with the mobs name since I don't know what mobs I should kill Xp

Kinda slowly trying to understand the basic of this game for 2 3 days and after that I only grinding mobs not actively. Just slowly since I can only open in a short of time since I have final examination but after my final end, it was like heaven ! hahhaha I played till late at night and still going around the game to get to know the maps and places at there. And that time I was stucked at main quest after I get the orb. I don't know where Golem Boss located at, like seriously I've been going around and around at the fire butterfly place and I can't find the boss golem except the normal golem. It been like a week or so before I started to search it again and that time I see 2 players at there and ask for the direction. And wow, there is a 'secret hole' to go to the Golem Boss place xp I was so frustated when I know where the place is because I already stumbled upon it before but I didn't see the hole... *Oh I done the main quest with the help of this post started at the ancient document quest*

And after played this Toram Online about 28 days, I kinda know more info and stuffs. Thanks to the players at there. Really, thanks a bunch. Well I there is two things I don't do yet which is Raid Level 80 and Raid Level 100. I wanna do it but kinda scared. Got 20 more levels to reach level 80. After that maybe I will consider doing the raid. Well, you can do the raid at whatever level you're but me being me, I will choose to level first before doing it, maybe.. hahha time will tell xp

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