Obviously I'm helping out the wiki alot, because I am interested in making this wikia glow. Looking for other contributors to help with this wikia as well. Some parts were pretty bad in this wikia, but some of the stuff in this wiki are actually not that bad at all. I do need some help because I just got back a week ago and I haven't played since the Lv. Cap 55 Update lol, and now it's 95 XD. So I think it's been 7 months since then. The list below is all the stuff that is missing. There's alot of stuff to do, this is all I can think of as of now so if I'm missing anything let me know! And I just want to stay in contact with the active contributors!

Missing Categories/Content (As of May 12, 2016)

  • Assist Skill Category
  • Other Skill Category (It's literally just a guide for Smithing not really a wiki page at all lol)
  • Buff Skill Category
  • Gems (Those gems that you use to help against bosses. Example: Traveler's Gem)

Incorrect/Unorganized Content/Categories (As of May 12, 2016)

  • Common Monsters and Monsters (There's literally two of them. One of them has a table, the other just has links to the indiviual monsters. I think it should be indiviual pages to add in visual presentation.)
  • Other Skill Category (Same reason, it's purely just a guide of smithing rather than a wiki page.)
  • Everything in the Quest Tab (There is no need for each NPC to have their own tab, it should be separated into the area it's in like for example, Sofya City. Then from there that tab will list the NPCs, which will lead into it's own page of their quests and such. So basically everything can be there, but just not they way it's organized as it is.)
  • World Map (It's a good and creative idea but it's hella huge. That's the only problem with it.)
  • Crystals (Interesting the way it's set up is kinda confusing as first.)

Incomplete Content/Categories (As of May 12, 2016)

  • Weapon Skills (Definitely incomplete, every single one, I would like it to be set up the way I did with the Magic Skills so it would be consistent and it won't be like different layouts for each weapon skill lol)
  • Everything in the Items Tab (Obviously it would be incomplete. And a page needs to be added for Gems. Those gems that you use to help against bosses.)