Toram Online begins by offering the player five types of weapons, the new one being the spear class called "Halberd". Although a character can equip any weapon, their damage output is affected by different stats and some skills require you to have a specific weapon type equipped in order to be used.

As each stat point had a different effect on each class, simply equipping a different weapon will change the user's stats accordingly.

Main Weapons

1-Handed Sword

Comes with Blade Skills.

Chiefly impacted by DEX, influencing attack speed and damage. STR somewhat increases their damage, but with no effect on attack speed. Worth noting is that placing points VIT has the best influence on sword users, since they are the only class so far that increases both DEF and MDEF alongside with HP.

1H sword users aka swordies are the most flexible class in the game due to how well subweapons compliment it.

1H sword users create the best tanks, since they can equip shields as well as the VIT stat benefits listed above. However, their attack speed will be decreased.

1H sword users are deadly with knuckles as their subweapon. Their special stats with the use of the martial skill Triple Kick, forming the base of the popular damage build known as sword fu.

1H sword users can equip magic devices, although not causing any stat changes, it does assist skills popularly borrowed from the Magic Skill Tree such as by cutting MP Charge in half and increases the range for Magic: Impact, for those who find it valuable.

Finally, it can be used by itself, but it is recommended that they be used with daggers, as daggers are invisible, can contribute damage (with dagger skills), and their special stats do add to the user.

At level 40, 1h sword users can unlock a library skill tree Dual Sword Skills, allowing the player to equip another 1h sword as their subweapon and drastically altering their stats. The sword on each hand becomes influenced by DEX and AGI respectively, attack speed is drastically increased and new skills can be unlocked in conjunction with their old Blade Skills. However, this is considered an advanced class as it comes at the cost of accuracy, critical rate and a secondary auto attack with a long cooldown.

Referred to as '1H' in-game.


Comes with Magic Skills.

Chiefly impacted by INT, magic users are primarily glass cannons who big damage in a short time. Their skills take the most time to use before firing, which can be decreased by adding points to DEX. VIT is the most useless stat for them, as it barely will increase their HP, so it will be better to invest in AGI to help them dodge.

Staves have the same influence on Magic skills as Magic Devices, so equipping a magic device as a subweapon will act as nothing but decoration.

As listed above with 1-Handed Sword users, Staff users can be equipped with either daggers for offense or with shields that increase defense at the cost of speed.

And just like above, staff users can also equip knuckles as a subweapon, adapting its special stats but not it's attack. Is the foundation of a build known as staff fu, doing great damage but more fragile than its 1H counterpart.


Comes with Martial Skills.

Chiefly impacted by AGI which increases damage and drastically increase attack speed and dodge, and DEX increases their attack speed, attack and accuracy. VIT increases both HP and DEF, which alongside Martial Skills that interrupt or stun opponents, make them valuable for taking down large scale bosses. (However, VIT does not increase MDEF, leaving them very vulnerable to magic attacks.)

Knuckles can equip various subweapons just like 1-Handed swords listed above.


Comes with Shot Skills.

Impacted by DEX, mainly. Bow users can only equip arrows as their subweapon, but arrows are unique in that their attack and stats will both apply to the user.

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This part is incomplete. Please help us write this section!

Halberds are the newest main weapon in the game. Chiefly affected by STR, but accuracy and speed is increased by DEX. Halberd users can only equip daggers as their subweapon. They deal great damage with a better range than 1H swords, but are very inaccurate at the start.

Other Weapons

Other weapons can be discovered later on in the game.

• 2-Handed Swords

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Attack is increased by STR, which is conveniently also the stat that increases Critical Damage. Cannot have a subweapon equipped.

Referred to as '2H' in-game.

Magic Devices

Referred to as 'devs' or 'MD' in-game.

Chiefly uses INT for damage and AGI for their basic attack damage and speed, magic devices are the 2H version of the staff. Backpacks that equip on a character they grow wings and the user begins to fly when engaging an enemy. Attacks are at long range by "pulling out" one of the magical wings' feathers (the range is not as far as Bows or Bowguns, though). Magic attacks damage are not as strong as that from staves, but attacks that damage an area will affect a wider area. Cannot have a subweapon equipped.

In damaging large areas of ground with skills such as Magic Wall and Magic Storm, magic device users are the most sought after, efficient for farming materials to create money and quest materials. Many farming parties prefer or only include magic-using players. This also makes them the fastest at finishing sidequests which is the fastest way to level up without spending money.


Bowguns (a category which covers both crossbows and guns) are similar to bows, but can equip all available subweapons, and do much more damage with their base attacks and skills. (It is also worth noting that Power Shot is much faster with a bowgun equipped.) However, the status effect offered by the Shot Skill Tree are greatly reduced and arrows do not add to their damage, only the stability stat will affect them.

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Sub weapons

Some main weapons can be equipped as a subweapon for certain effects. However, neither the stats nor the crystals work.

  • Knuckles can be equipped as a subweapon. The character will not put them on, but will only keep them on their back, though. When using Martial Skills without knuckles equipped as a main weapon, ability effects only have 25% of the chance they affect as normal. Equipping knuckles as a subweapon increases this chance to 75%. However, Magic Attack is lowered by -15%.
  • Magic Devices can be equipped as a subweapon. The character will not fly nor have a ranged attack when auto attacking, though. However, using Magic Skills that hit an area (such as Magic: Wall or Magic: Storm) will have the magic device's larger area of effect, EXCEPT if a staff is equipped. MP Charge is also decreased as if a magic device is the main weapon. Attack is lowered by 15%, though.

Strangely enough, when using Martial Skills with a magic device, the chances of the ability effect is increased to 50%.

Specialty subweapons

Certain weapons can only be equipped as subweapons only.

  • Shields apply both their stats and defense (which increases both defense and magic defense), but affects attack speed by -50%. This penalty can be decreased by the skill Shield Mastery (under the skill tree Shield Skills) and also by the LUK stat. Shields are often equipped when defense is needed, such as when up against a strong boss.
  • Daggers do not apply their damage unless certain skills from the skill tree Dagger Skills are learned, but their special stats (including stability) do apply when used as anyone's subweapon. As shields are used for defense, daggers are often kept for offense.
  • Arrows affect all characters defense and magic defense by -25%. They do not influence any weapon's attack or stats except when used with a bow. For bowgun users, only their stability stat is added to their base stability. Otherwise, all they do is grant access to Shot Skills which are normally not available to those who do not have a bow or bowgun equipped.


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