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Level req

Quest Name Quest item/monsters Quest rewards
4 Collect Snacks! 10x of Animal Skin, Tough Meat, and Pomum Leaf Sofya City x1

EXP 504

5 Beer with Nuts? 12x Nuts Pointed Hat x1

EXP 2640

9 Sour Nuts 12x Sour nuts Revita I x3

EXP 3,600

13 Miracle Hangover Cure? 8x Blue Jelly & 8x Purple Jelly Cape x1

EXP 1344

17 Powdered Medicine 1x Animal Horn 1x Speed Potion & 104 EXP
21 The New Snack Collect Roasted Fruit 12 Regera I x3

EXP 15,360

25 The Overlooked Snack Collect Bitter Nut x12 Ceramic arrow x1

EXP 18,720

36 Gift? For Who? Mint gummy x12 Zono's Short Bow* x1

Exp 27,000

42 Intruders at the Spring Defeat "Soda Potum" at Korda Basin (x25)

Defeat "Aqua Jelly" at Korda Basin x75

Knife Shaft* x1

EXP 20,100

48 Bowgun Maintenance Collect High-Purity Oil x30 Damascus Ore x3

EXP 95,000

53 Boozers Cooking Collect Deep-Fried Bean Curd x10

Collect Golden Honey x10

Collect Lime x10

Steel Leaf Bow* x1

EXP 109,000

56 A Drinking Pal at the Fortress Defeat "Parasitized Dog" x90 at Lost Town. Bow Thimble ZC* x1

EXP 26,000

*Ceramic Bow [Arrow]: ATK 22 (10%), Untradable. Available when equipped with a bow. The arrowhead is made of a fragment of ceramics. Earth Element

*Zono's Short Bow [Bow]: ATK 24 (70%), ATK MP Recovery +1, % stronger against Neutral +15%

*Knife Shaft [Dagger]: ATK 20 (0%), Critical Damage +1, Evasion Rate +10%, Weapon ATK +30 (Bowgun Only)

*Steel Leaf Bow [Bow]: ATK 33 (60%), ATK +2%, Critical Damage +2%, DEX +3%, Dodge +3%

*Bow Thimble ZC [Special]: Bow Thimble customized by Zono. DEF 2, MaxMP +300, Accuracy +15, (With Bows:) ATK +1%